Welcome to the NEW Local Dining and Drinks!

Restaurants, bars, and other family and minority-owned small businesses are hurting due to the pandemic and they are operating on limited budgets. wants to help by offering free and extremely affordable solutions that can be changed and personalized anytime you like, for all your advertising business needs. No matter how often you add or change hours, photos, coupons, menus, specials and/or events, the price will stay the same. Your LD&D profile can become your acting webpage (if you do not have one) or it can be linked to an existing website or Facebook page to provide more flexibility. Also, you can connect with your loyal and future customers by engaging in and creating social media campaigns directly from your LD&D profile. Simply register on and create your profile to start. Like other small businesses, has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we are devoted to doing what we can to help other small businesses survive and grow better than before while giving back to our neighborhoods and communities.

Read the next few sections and you will see that is not your typical restaurant and business guide. We are “Where the Local Start!” because we genuinely want to help every community grow and thrive.

Since the world is getting smaller because most of us frequent multiple cities a lot more often… We added a few new features to help our users:

Create a member’s profile – Start by signing in on the front page by using your email, google, Facebook or Twitter account. This will allow you to create and customize your personal profile to begin using LDAD’s unique features.

Social media – A registered user can write customized posts and/or tweets on your favorite social media source(s) directly from any restaurant or business profile. Your post or tweet will include a link for that restaurant or business so that your friends and family can view that great deal for themselves as you are helping that business gain vital exposure they need to survive doing this tough period of Covid-19.

Save to Favorite – This feature allows you to save a restaurant to your personal profile. Just click on the “Favorite” icon and it will be saved until you delete it. You will never have to remember the name of that perfect dining experience or which city it was in anymore.

Email Favorites – Instead of trying to tell your friends and family about amazing restaurants that you discovered on LD&D…. Simply email your favorite list directly to them. No more trying to explain a restaurant’s menu or directions because they will have it all at their fingertips!

Wish List – Cruise around in each city page that LD&D has to offer and create a wish list of the restaurants you want to try while you are on vacation or business trip. Your profile will keep them all until you are ready for them.

Most family owned and small restaurants, bars and neighborhood businesses struggle to survive (even before Covid-19) and to really showcase what made their food or venue unique. Today, many have closed their doors because of the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. Mainly because they cannot afford the high cost of quality advertisements to let their customers know if they are open for business for dine in service or takeout and delivery only. How can they create weekly specials when they are not sure they can reach out to their loyal customers?

Once a restaurant or bar created or claimed an account and chose one the LDAD package of their choice… they can:

Create a unique profile – Create and control your food and drinks specials on your unique profile page anytime you want (24 hours and 7 days) without any extra cost.  Change your menu items, add pictures or even your operating hours whenever you need to keep your customers current doing these uncertain times.

Social Media Campaigns – Specials you create on your LD&D profile can be posted directly to any of your social media pages to attract new and loyal customers. Even better, those specials can be re-sent by your customers to their family and friends with a personalized message.

Create coupons and events – your profile allows you to create coupons and list any special upcoming events that you could add to your social media campaigns. You can edit and/or delete them at anytime

Food Delivery Service – Add all your food service accounts (Uber Eats, Grubhub… etc.) directly on your profile so users that cannot come to you can still enjoy what you have to offer delivered to their home or office.

Link Profiles – Increase the number of seats and tables filled in your restaurants by joining the networking program. The feature allows restaurants, nonprofits, and other businesses to work together and create new joint specials, events and fundraisers that could benefit all parties and the community. Create happy hours or other events at your restaurant or bar and give a portion to your community! You and your new partner can communicate through the LDAD network to plan and help one another.

Most non-profits use restaurants and other local businesses to host, cater and/ or contribute to their fundraising efforts. This is typically done only in times of major fundraising need, but what most nonprofits fail to realize is that the restaurants and local businesses need support themselves on a regular basis. They especially need help during their slow season of January through March and then again during the high competition seasons over spring, summer, and holidays. But during this era of Covid-19, nonprofits, restaurants, and other businesses need to support each other even more! By working with LDAD nonprofits can:

Create a profile – Allows the nonprofit to customize a profile and engage with their members and their community. Let people know what your nonprofit is doing as a community service or what you might need.

Social media – Write customized Facebook, tweets, and post directly from your profile page, which will include a link to your events and programs. Your post and tweets can be used by the community to send to all their friends and family to help spread the word of all the great things your nonprofits are doing.

Nonprofits are always looking for new ways to fund their vital programs.  By partnering with we can achieve four major goals:

  1.   Increase the potential number of restaurants, bars, and other businesses to monthly contribute funding and/or help host more fundraising events.
  2.   Raise more awareness about the non-profit and the work that they do on a broader scale.
  3.   Build a clientele base to help local restaurants and other larger businesses to advertise directly and on a personal level to the community it serves.
  4.   Create an environment that will inform and help our local community while giving back.

As you can see is not your typical restaurant guide. We are “Where the Local Start!” because we genuinely want to help every community grow and thrive.


Darnell Williams