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Do you want to help your local restaurants, bars, and other small businesses survive during and after the Covid-19 pandemic?

Are you concerned about the future of your local neighborhood?

Do you have a loyal or trying to build a large social media following?

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...and help shine a spotlight on struggling small businesses in your community.

We are looking for food, travel, business, and lifestyle blogs to help our local businesses build back better! Whether you are a foodie with a passion to share your latest favorite restaurant special or an expert that wants to share your knowledge to help struggling businesses get back on their feet doing this pandemic… Our local neighborhoods need your help!

Over one third of small businesses that were affected by Covid-19 are closed for good and around 86% of those barely holding on are not sure about how they will survive the next few months.

Using your voice as a blogger can help rally your community around them and breathe new life into a failing business.