Welcome to the Help section of Local Dining and Drinks. We are excited to welcome you as a customer to expand your business. Please navigate to the section that will help you get your site listed and active. If you have any questions, please reach out to 

Adding your business?

To add your business, please select the “+” icon on the top right corner of your page or navigate to your menu and select “Add Listing” on your mobile device. 

Select your Plan. Select either a monthly or yearly plan. You will need to select the “MONTHLY” or “ANNUALLY” titles for the pricing to display. 

You will be directed to the new listing form. Enable Fill-O-Bot for Google to automatically find your business. The more information you provide the better. The listing form will provide help tooltips as you complete. 

Understanding your Dashboard

After logging into Local Dining and Drinks, all registered users will gain access to their backend dashboard. The dashboard is jammed packed with additional features and functionality, including the ability to

✔️  Add events to your listing

✔️  Add announcements to your listing

✔️  Add coupons to your listing

✔️  Add your business’s products/services/menu

✔️  Accessing past invoices/receipts

✔️  Linking your business to a partnered non-profit restaurant

✔️  Ability to purchase Ads

✔️  See all reviews